Warranty Claims

All Information Fields Required for Warranty Claims

To send a unit in for warranty, we need the following information on the form.

Do not ship the unit to us.

We will email you a RMA ticket number and return shipping instructions.

You will ship it directly to the Unication Product Services Division and they will repair or replace it, and ship it directly back to you. You will be required to submit a shipment tracking number when shipping.

Click Here for Troubleshooting Information.

  • Charges may apply if a product is out of warranty, physical damage/abuse charge, or out of dealer network.
  • Physical Damage/abused pagers will not be repaired or replaced.(Example: Damage from being ran over or dropped from a moving vehicle)
  • You will be notified of any cost after all information is submitted to Unication for an RMA ticket number.
  • NO REPAIR/REPLACEMENT- Devices with Physical Damage:
    Effective immediately, Unication will no longer offer repair/replacement on physical damage devices with conditions that are not covered under warranty as stated in the Consumer Limited Warranty document. If a product is determined to be unrepairable/uneconomical to repair/replace due to physical damage, the device will be returned unrepaired, in the same condition as received.
  • What is covered?
    Any defect in materials or workmanship.
  • What is not covered?
    Warranty does not cover defects resulting from accidents, damages while in transit to an
    authorized warranty service center, alterations, unauthorized repairs/modifications, failure
    to follow instructions, customer abuse (including broken housing, broken displays, or water
    damage exceeding the limits of ingress protection), fire, flood, and any natural/man-made
    Broken housing or another defect that was caused by:
    o Damage from being ran over or dropped from a moving vehicle
    o Damage caused by an animal
    o Damage from a fire
    o Water damage exceeding the device’s ingress protection rating (being submerged
    over 30 minutes or in depths over 3 feet)
    o Signs of abuse or impact to knob, buttons, or port
    o Cosmetic damages (any cosmetic imperfection or damage that does not impact the
    device functionality or performance)

    Please upload Programming CP File below (Code Plug File). Replacement units will ship UNPROGRAMMED unless a CP File is uploaded and attached to RMA Ticket.

    Upload a File (.jpg, .pdf, .doc, .cp .unipps)