Hello everyone I’m writing on behalf of Ray Zimmerman Rays pager sales in Pennsylvania ,as a volunteer communicator in the Twin Cities Metro area is important mountain now more than ever to maintain situational awareness by monitoring local response frequencies in a planning realm for short term responses by nonprofit agencies.

As a volunteer communicator across four agencies that support emergency and disaster related response in a timely fashion I find my unification V5 a very key tool and situational awareness and knowing my community needs Ray was wonderful to work with despite the distance in common interests we will be friends for life he did very well all of the shipping programming and various things that needed to happen were able to with the assistance of my fellow volunteers and it was shipped to my post office box without difficulty or delay.

I truly enjoyed my purchase experiences I needed to do this in stages because as we all know money is not real prevalent in several situations right now so I purchased my monitor in August of 2019 I made a second purchase of the support charger which was the base station charger in July of 2020, both of which were coordinated without difficulty.

Thank you for your interest in time this was compiled via voice to text software on Microsoft word to best accommodate my situation.