Unication G4 and G5 Pagers

Unication G4 
Unication G5 

Unication G5 Dual Band Pager or the Unication G4 Pager have the capabilities to alert for your emergency calls by conventional 2-tone paging
and also listen to your APCO P25 Digital Radio conversations!

The Unication G5 is an analog, and APCO P25 Digital Receiver that has multiple alerting capabilities.

This unit will monitor analog frequencies and also connect to any APCO P25 Digital Trunking systems that have Phase 1 Talkgroups (FDMA).

Not compatible with Smartzone or Smartnet systems.

Industry First P25 Voice Pager!
Phase 1 (FDMA) with Phase 2 (TDMA) upgrade-able in the future.

This pager is available in These Dual Band versions.
VHF 136-174 MHz with 700-800 MHz, 

UHF 380-430 MHz with 700-800 MHz,
UHF 400-470 MHz with 700-800 MHz, 
UHF 450-520 MHz with 700-800 MHz

The G5 Pager is a rugged design with options like: 
Waterproof, Dustproof, 32 Minutes of Voice Record, 
Conventional 2-Tone Alerting on Analog Frequencies,
Digital Talkgroup Alerting on APCO P25 Digital Systems,
Program and Monitor Multiple Systems on one unit!
TG Scanning, Analog Channel scanning, Priority Scan, Impact resistant Color Screen
Standard 2 year warranty with additional 3 year option 
Charging and Programming Cord and free Programming Software included!

The Unication G5 has LSM capabilities and will keep you connected to you P25 Digital systems at all times with seamless connection to the nearest tower for quality communications.

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