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The Unication G4 is now available with Phase 1 and Phase 2.


We try to keep all models in stock, however since we are one of UnicationUSA largest Dealers our stock changes quite fast.

There is always that posibility of units being out of stock for a few days. Feel free to check in.


Unication G4 Pager has the capabilities to monitor Analog,  P25 Digital Trunking or P25 Conventional.

The Unication G4 is an analog, and APCO P25 Digital Receiver that has multiple alerting capabilities.

This unit will monitor analog frequencies and also connect to any APCO P25 Digital Trunking systems that have Phase 1 (FDMA) or Phase2 (TDMA) Talkgroups .

The Unication G3 can also monitor DMR Tier I and Tier II Systems (upgrade available though Unication USA)

Not compatible with Smartzone or Smartnet systems.

Industry First P25 Voice Pager!

This pager is 700-800 MHz.

The G4 Pager is a rugged design with options like:
Waterproof, Dustproof, 32 Minutes of Voice Record,
Conventional 2-Tone Alerting on Analog Frequencies,
Digital Talkgroup Alerting on APCO P25 Digital Systems,
Program and Monitor Multiple Systems on one unit!
TG Scanning, Analog Channel scanning, Priority Scan, Impact resistant Color Screen
Standard 2 year warranty with additional 3 year option
Charging and Programming Cord and free Programming Software included!

The Unication G4 has LSM capabilities and will keep you connected to you P25 Digital systems at all times with seamless connection to the nearest tower for quality communications.


Please contact us if you have any questions before ordering. We are not responsible if you order this item and have not done your homework on your system or have ordered the wrong model.

( No Return on this Item)


This unit is in Beta Stage, meaning there are firmware updates becoming available from time to time to add features and improve overall function of this product. By purchasing this unit from us, you acknowledge that there may be improvements that need to be made by firemware updates.

Seller is making no representation, warranty or guarantee, and Purchaser acknowledges that Seller has not made any representations, warranty or guarantee, express or implied, all items sold as is. Any warranties and features listed are the responsibility of the Manufacturer, Unication USA

Unication G4 Pager 700-800 MHz P25 Trunking - Phase 1 & 2

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